Forgotten Kingdom Ruby Ring

"Music: So beautiful. I don't know how to best describe it. It elicited the feeling of "I want to continue"

Tikva's Orchestra Soundtrack

NOW Magazine Critic's Choice for 
Outstanding Direction (Ginette Mohr)
Outstanding Ensemble (Alisa Walton, Thomas Morgan Jones)
Outstanding Design (David Mesiha, Jason Hand, Ellen Roach)

Tikva's Orchestra a "Must See" in NOW Magazine
" cannot help but be moved..." The Charlebois Post Review

"hauntingly magnificent


"One can not help but

     be moved by the


                                                  Beat Rice

"David Mesiha’s music hits the audience with as much force as the instrumental weaponry it represents."


David Mesiha of Sonic Canvas Design is thrilled to announce the release of Tikva's Orchestra Soundtrack, Digital Album.  You can listen to it and buy it below and you can read more about the show by clicking on the quotes above.
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