Sonic Canvas Design is a professional audio production company located in Toronro, ON, featuring the best of expertese, innovation and Gear. Audio Is our passion, we focus on making a big sound on affordable budgets.

Voice Over Production

We pride ourselves on being able to provide world class voice overs.  Whether we provide the talent or you do, we will ensure that your satisfied with the samples and proceed from there.  We can provide Voice Over recordings for a wide range of budgets and projects, such as ADR, Animation, Commercial and Games.

Score & Music

We offer music tracks in a wide range of genres and styles including Orhestral, Hybrid, Electronic and Acoustic.  We are also able to use live musicians, sample libraries or any combination.


We work hard to ensure that the track fits your needs perfectly whether it is a jingle, TV spot, video game score or Film Score.


We also offer flexible options and packages that allow you to choose to license tracks competitvely or buy out tracks exclusively.


TurnKey Solution

This is a package most popular with our Video Game clients, but is applicable to all projects.  


In this package we meet with you and asses all your audio needs for a project, generate a quote and provide you with all your audio assets ready to be used.


This package covers all audio needs including SFX, Sound Design, Foley, Ambience, Music beds and VOs.  Then we provide you the assets in any required format and configurations including Stems, Layers and Loops.  We are also able to fully support Game engines such as Fmod, Wwise and Unity

Call for a Quote

Now all you have to do is call for a quote.  We look forward to working with you.

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