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About David Mesiha


David Mesiha is a Toronto & Vancouver based award winning Composer | Sound | Mixed media Artist. He is known for his music composition and multimedia installations alike. After graduating from the music program at Simon Fraser University, David started professionally composing music for theatre, film and multimedia while constantly seeking out new collaborations with innovative artists and companies.

David is co-artistic director of Theatre Conspiracy in Vancouver.


David's artistic practice has often seen him take on a collaborative role in the total conception, co-creation and realization of work with particular sensitivity to dramaturgy as well as immersive audio-visual design.


David’s work has received critical acclaim across multiple mediums examples of which are his work in theatre on shows such as Foreign Radical, Project (X), Terminus, Motherland and Except In The Unlikely Event of War. In film with films such as Small Currents, Hotel New York and the viral live action Pokemon Apokalypse. In Video games his music and sound design received acclaim for games such as Red Shift, Forgotten Kingdoms and the Dark Canvas series.


David has been nominated for and won multiple awards across multiple categories from music composition to projection design and innovation. Among these shows are Project (X) by Leaky Heaven, Terminus by Pi Theatre, Street car named desire by Leaky Heaven and The busy world is Hushed by One2 theatre for which David won a Jessi Richardson Award for Best Original Score.


David, also, co-created, developed visuals and composed the music for the hit show Foreign Radical which premiered in Vancouver in 2015 to critical acclaim and won a Jessie Richardson critic’s choice award for innovation while being nominated across multiple other categories. Most Recently Foreign Radical won a prestigious Fringe First Award at the 2017 Edinburgh Fringe Festival.


In 2016, David was nominated for a Dora Award with L’Oquenz for his sound design work in Oraltorio, a complex multimedia theatrical piece that saw David design and implement a new piece of software to serve as the control hub for the sound design and live-processing of audio throughout the show and which was used to perform live in support of the on-stage performers.


Other awards and nominations include his nomination for Best Original Score for the short film 'The Mediator' a film which David was thrilled to be working on with long time collaborator Director Amir Shehata.


In 2017 David received grant funding through the Theatre Creator's Reserve program with support from The Theatre Centre and Theatre Passe Murailles to begin development on his new mixed media piece Disembodied Reflection Same Difference. The piece seeks to address questions of identity, belonging, nation and foreignness, through an immersive audiovisual experience with live performance and the use of new projection technology that is being developed as part of the development of the project. 



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