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The Humans (2018) Arts Club Theatre Vancouver, Bc

I had the pleasure to be the Sound Designer for this production of The Humans. Written by Stephen Karam and Directed by Amiel Gladestone.

This production was part of The Arts Club Theatre's 2018 season playing on the Stanley Stage in Vancouver BC from March 22nd until April 22nd 2018.


  • Kevin McNulty as Erik Blake

  • Nicola Lipman as Deirdre Blake

  • Briana Buckmaster as Aimee Blake

  • Samantha Rose Richard as Brigid Blake

  • Gina Stockdale as “Momo” Blake

  • Parm Soor as Richard Saad

"There’s also a distinct whiff of horror in The Humans. One of the best things about director Amiel Gladstone’s production is David Mesiha’s expressionistic sound design. An old woman lives upstairs from Brigid and Richard and there are such deafening thuds emanating from her apartment that it sounds like she’s hurling dead bodies onto the floor up there.” Collin Thomas

"The set itself, Drew Facey’s detailed two-level cutaway, serves as counterpoint to the play’s intensive realism. The apartment seems almost haunted by loud, startling bangs and thuds, growls and roars in David Mesiha’s visceral sound design, suggesting another level of subtext: dark, irrational forces plaguing family and nation on this occasion of national celebration. “ Jerry Wasserman​ - Vancouver Sun


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