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Miss Vancouver (2010) with Leaky Heaven Circus

'Miss Vancouver' is an immersive piece for two audiences. Developed by David Mesiha with Director Stephen Hill in 2010 and featuring a performance by Lesley Ewen. The piece examined issues of predatory sex through striking visual and aural immersion. The audiences are locked into a shipping container for the 20 mins duration of the piece with the performer and surrounded by immersive projection mapping and 8 channel surround sound.

The piece marked David's first foray into video mapping and immersive theatre.


"My other fave, Leaky Heaven Circus’s Miss Vancouver, also unfolds in a shipping container. This one is about predatory sex. A masked, large-bodied female figure stares at the audience in what feels like overpowering rage as we listen to dialogue from the Leaky Scream, a telephone conversation between a freaked-out baby sitter and a homicidal maniac. The all-white space is spectacularly well lit by David Mesiha; text scrolls across the walls, and the colour shifts from lavender to lime as you consider your sexual fears and furies."

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