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Project X Faust (2011) - Leaky Heaven Circus

In July 2011, Project x (faust) ran for six nights at the Russian Hall in Strathcona, playing to an audience of 368 and involving 18 artists and technical participants. Project x (faust) followed a path of experimentation with perception, perspective, and spectatorship that Leaky Heaven had been following over our previous three productions (antigone undone, Streetcar Bungalow, and Peter Panties). We have become more interested in howwe perceive as a diverse and varied audience rather than in producing a traditional meaning-based narrative. Following a devising and research period last spring, we developed an immersive technological set, where the audience would view the entire piece through a large bank of mirrors. The action of reflection created a three-dimensional world with each projection, and the actors played through this space, exploring a modern adaptation of the legend of faust and the mirrored image of “good”. This creation of an epic mirrored environment produced a series of questions and prompted us to pursue the development of the piece through a script development and remount, and goal of touring, in 2014/15.


Proejct X was nominated for Jessie Richardson Awards in multiple categories and won in the categories of Lighting/Visual Design and Innovation.


"Thanks largely to video designer Parjad Sharifi and his collaborator David Mesiha, as well as set designers Anna Gukov and Mirona Motoc, project x (faust) looks utterly fantastic."  by Colin Thomas - Georgia Straight

Project (X) - Work Sample

Project (X) - Work Sample

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